4G clinical unveils their new clinical trial platform that can be done from a patient’s home

Currently, COVID-19 infects over 2,000,000 people worldwide, making it one of the most contagious diseases.

4G clinical

To combat this problem 4G clinical, a company that specializes in Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) has devised a way that might reduce the risk of contagion.

The solution is that 4G clinical launches their Direct-to-Patient (DtP) clinical trial platform last April 9, 2020.

Dtp or Direct to Patient clinical trial platform is a kind of Decentralize clinical trial, on which the research of drug is done outside a Researcher’s laboratory like the home of a patient.

For example if a COVID-19 patient is about to be tested with a new drug he/she will be and treated monitored in their house.

Unlike traditional clinical trials where the patient should be in a specific facility, on which the approval can take for days.

According to the CEO of 4G clinical the ultimate purpose for the Direct-to-Patient clinical trial platform is to: 1. To continue clinical trials and to ensure the safety of patients and 2. To be prepared for future pandemics after COVID-19.

Also, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic clinical trial models have shifted to DtP in order to attain patient safety and access the travel site flexibly.

“Our DtP functionality can be set up for certain periods of time, for all or selected visits, with the ability to turn it off while the study is running. This flexibility can help sponsors continue research through the COVID-19 pandemic, returning to normal settings after it has passed,” says Neta Bendelac, Senior Director of Strategy at 4G Clinical.

However, the Direct-to-Patient clinical trial platform may cause disruptions traditional trial platforms held in hospitals and also supply chain in Medicine.

A Doctor vaccinating his patient.

With that being said we should seeing less testing in hospitals and traditional facilities.

Even if DtP is successfully implemented it still has to overcome site capacity challenges, though 4G said that it will be offering sponsors the flexibility drugs directly to the patients.

There is no cost estimate given by 4G clinical however Telemedicine, a new way to diagnose and care for patients similar to DtP is estimated to cost $1,500 per person.

Telomedicine: A doctor comminicating to his patient via Laptop

If say a country has for example 10000 cases the cost to treat them is $150,000,000.

For COVID-19 it can go up to $30,000-$70,000, making DtP a more cost effective choice.

So, the Direct-to-Patient clinical trial platform is cheaper and safer for patients however it will still take a long time to adapt.


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